Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What the support team will reply when a transaction shows pending in haeywa?

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If a transaction is showing as pending in haeywa, it means that the payment is still being processed by our banking partner. Sir, it may at times take two business days for the transaction to get cleared. If it doesn't get cleared, it will be refunded back to your haeywa account.
    Sir, in the meantime, we request you not to reattempt doing the payment again, rather wait for some time to know its status.

  • We do the filing on a quarterly basis, so it will reflect at the end of every quarter.

  • *For personal use, you can create only two groups and add unlimited members.
    *For business usage, you can create unlimited groups and add unlimited members to them.

  • Uploading bills in Haeywa is a simple process. Here's how you can do it:

    1. Open the Haeywa app on your mobile device and log in to your account.
    2. From the app's home screen, click on the group from which you have done the transaction.
    3. Click on the Transaction tab, where you will be able to see the details of all the transactions you have made through Haeywa.
    4. Click on the three dots next to the particular transaction for which you want to upload a bill.
    5. Click on the "Upload Bill" option from the drop-down menu.
    6. You will be prompted to choose a file from your device's gallery or camera roll. Select the bill image you want to upload and click on "Upload."
    7. The bill will now be uploaded and attached to the transaction.

    **Users are able to view all the bills under the Assets section.

  • - This happens when there is a problem in the server of the bank or in the NPCI server. In such a case, we request you to wait for some time and then try again.
    - Alternatively, you can also pay out of pocket and reimburse later from Haeywa on your personal UPI id.

  • On clicking a particular transaction, the user is able to view the transaction details like Transaction ID, UTR no, etc.
    The support team may ask the user to share the UTR NO with the beneficiary who may later reconcile with his bank.

  • Setting up a Haeywa account hardly takes a couple of minutes, which requires a few very simple steps:
    - Download Haeywa from the app store or play store
    - Create a group
    - Add the members
    - Upload funds
    And now you and your team are ready to use Haeywa.

  • If a user has lost their phone and had sufficient funds in the Haeywa account, the first step would be to contact the customer support through phone or mail to freeze their account and prevent unauthorized access. Once the lost phone is recovered or the user purchases a new one, they can again contact the customer support team to unfreeze their account.

  • The Group owner/Admin is able to view the list of all the members under My GROUP tab. On clicking on the three dots next to the name of each user, the Group owner/Admin is able to set a spend limit for each user depending upon their usage and requirements.

  • The "View Transaction Map" feature in Haeywa is designed to provide users with a visual representation of their transaction history. Users can keep track of their spending patterns and identify areas where they are spending the most.

  • For a Haeywa user, the default spend limit is 3000 INR, which can also be changed by the Group owner or the Admin. If a Haeywa user exceeds their spend limit, they can request the Group owner or Admin to increase their spend limit. The user needs to click on the three dots next to their name under the MY GROUP tab and then select Request Spend Limit.

  • If a user accidentally sends more money than intended to a beneficiary through Haeywa, the first step would be to report the matter to the beneficiary. The user can then request a refund from the beneficiary by sharing the QR code, which a Haeywa user can view by clicking on the settings icon located on the top right corner of the screen next to their group name. Group owners/Admins need to click on the SHOW QR tab, which they can view under their Account details section on clicking the settings icon on the top right corner next to their group. This way, the excess amount can be recovered back to the user's Haeywa account.